Everything you need for feed your pet

The amazing smart feed concept

The intelligent pet feeder is a very useful equipment for the correct feeding of your pets. It is perfect for small animals like puppies and kittens that require small food at regular times. Also to dose the diets of adults and maintain a healthy diet for them by eating the exact amounts. It allows you to remotely feed your pets with a precise amount of food, allowing you to feed your pets automatically by setting a regular feeding schedule.

Petrust PP001 app presentation

No Communication Limits with Your Pet

The feeder features high definition 1080P H.264 video resolution with micro-SD card support (up to 128GB). You could easily share the joyful moment with record files and snapshots to social network.

You also could feed your pets with the command voice sending to smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, etc.

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Fantastic App Available

Petrust PP001 App presentation

Remote feeding via phone: Rasy to feed your pets remotely with smartphone. Record the feeding with 1080P and share to social network.

Transparent Cover 

Petrust PP001 setup

Although the APP will warn you when you need to fill the feeder, with its transparent cover you can also check the level with the naked eye.

Dual Power Supply

In the event of a sudden power cut, your pet will continue to be fed, thanks to the backup of the emergency batteries.

Simple Cleaning  Experience

Very easy to clean with all its removable parts, it do quick!.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Petrust developed its exclusive APP, to be used with all Smart pet feeders or with Wi-Fi option.

They can easily help you timed feed, manually feed remotely, and notify you when there is lack of foods.

These tech features allow you to stay connected with your pet and keep an eye on the diet.

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Android app
iOS app
Petrust pet feeder app
PP001 Petrust app connectivity smart pet feeder
PP001 Petrust smart pet feeder accurate measurement

Precision in Meals

Petrust achieve a precise measurement in the portion of food supplied, with a weight and infrared sensor, optimizing the portions according to the previously selected quantity.

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The Benefit of Simplicity

A design thought out to preserve a sober appearance, but with all the functionalities available in a practical, non-invasive way for your pet.

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PP001 Petrust smart feeder functions app camera wifi
PP001 Petrust pet feeder schedule smart app camera wifi

The Advantages of Scheduling

One of the most interesting functions of the APP is the possibility of programming all meals, preventing forgetting any

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The Power Backup

The device works connected to a USB adapter in the event of a fortuitous power cut, the backup of the batteries guarantees continuity in the meals.

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PP001 Petrust smart pet feeder dual power camera wifi app
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Color Designs

Our current production is in white, but we can manufacture in other colors by special request.

Petrust smart feeder PP001W Red


Petrust smart feeder PP001W Black


Petrust smart feeder PP001W Green


Petrust smart feeder PP001W Yellow


Petrust smart feeder PP001W Pink


Videos of Petrust PP001

PETRUST PP001 Smart Feeder Presentation

PETRUST PP001 Smart Feeder User Guide

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